Lezingen en optredens nav De Redding van de Familie Van Cleeff

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zo 5 april: 10.00 uur
was ik samen met Auke Kok gast op Radio 1 (OVT) over De redding vd familie Van Cleeff
Dit VPRO programma is terug te luisteren.

do 9 april: 20.00 uur in Hillegersberg
boekpresentatie De redding van de familie Van Cleeff
boekhandel Maximus
Bergse Dorpsstraat 122  Hillegersberg (Rotterdam)

vrij 10 april: 17.00 uur.
lezing De redding van de familie Van Cleeff
Linnaeus Boekhandel
Middenweg 29  Amsterdam

zo 19 april: 20.30.
kort openbaar interview plus lezing tijdens Indomania
n de Melkweg in Amsterdam

ma 4 mei: 21.00
Optreden nav De redding vd familie Van Cleeff (samen met Auke Kok )
‘Theater na de Dam’
in Podium Mozaïek
Bos en Lommerweg 191 Amsterdam

foto: geschilderd jeugdportretje van Gretchen van Cleeff-Simon

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  1. The two persons who risked their lives (and those of their two children and grandchildren who found shelter in their home as well), providing the hiding-space in their own appartment for three years. are hardly mentioned in the book and not even one picture of them is displayed between the others.
    They are described as simple, kind of dumb people (‘Jan must have had an inferiority complex’) but instead they had solid, wonderful personalities with a strong sense of moral.
    They looked down on nobody and allowed nobody to look down on them.
    The writers of the book make it look like Arij van der Meer is the one who saved the lives of the Jewish couple and not Nel and Jan the Jong.
    Unlike the impression given, Jan the Jong (and Nel as well) did have a good background: his father was a notary and he inherited quite a large sum of money which he used mostly to help the very poor in those terrible years before WWII but then; Nel and Jan had quite a different perspective of money from Gretchen van Cleeff and this is probably what made them so uninteresting in her eyes.
    To me she comes across as a nasty, greedy person who wanted to make it look as if she did them a favor instead of the other way around and has no gratitude at all.
    If Jan and Nel could read this book I am sure they would be very sad by things written and not written….

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